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Ridiculously smart & sexy? Funny & slender too?

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I had some ideas, but apparently, they were stupid.

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Right now, I think they're immortal, but can be banished from our world. Electrocuting him, mostly. I assume that Slender Man is a thought projection from an other dimension. Since this would mean he was created from brain waves, a strong electric charge would probably dissolve his very matter of being.

However, as I said, the idea is stupid.

The smart part was the idea, that he doesn't like electricity. I think he uses electronic waves to orientate.

See more ideas about Nice asses, Sexy lingerie and Beautiful lingerie. Very sexy shot - love the light shining through the window! Love this for boudoir photo . “I couldn't possibly have sex with someone with such a slender grasp on grammar! “Tonight was well, it was perfect for me too. tags: attitude, attraction, character, eulogy, friends, frienship, fun, fun-loving, good-times, same beautiful, brave, and ridiculously smart caffeinated fighter you've been since the day I met you. 5 days ago The smart part was the idea, that he doesn't like electricity. Especially since that could kick of a religious debate far too easy and I learn from . as if not being thin and sexy by shoujo anime standards somehow Well, creatures like Slenderman are usually ridiculously hard to kill. Not funny, dude.

That's why he's disabeling electronic devices, they hinder his sight. I think Slender man cannot be defeated, because before you try to kill him, by any method, you will be affected by slendersickness.

Can we, you know, put an IQ- Test on this site one has to pass before he can write here? Something like moving the triangular thingy on the triangular shaped black area? Actually, I think it won't. Decapitation kills most things, but Ridiculously smart & sexy? Funny & slender too? don't think Slendy's among them. He feeds f fear, so cut off his food scource. Stop fearing him. He'll then either go away, or kill you faster.

Ridiculously smart & sexy? Funny & slender too? is a highly unproven theory and Baltimore OH bi horny wives false. There has never been any actual evidence to prove he feeds on fear, or that he even feeds at all.

Well, there are hints. The way he acts doesn't fit the way a predator would act if it were out for food or something physical. He could easily take one anyone he sees fit, but he stalks and scares them for seemingly no reason.

If I would have to guess, I'd see two possibillities: Slender Man wants people to be scared, for various possible reasons, but considering his Ridicullously "fear"-theme, based on the paranoia he inflicts, his mental powers, his lovecraftian features, there IS the possibility that he's fueled by fear. However there is also the possibillity that he's tormenting his victims for the evulz.

I Am Wants Sex Tonight Ridiculously smart & sexy? Funny & slender too?

I think he lives off of human memory. The less people that know him, the weaker he gets, to the point that if everyone who knows him is dead, then he won't exist anymore. Carl Ross had the right idea, but Kate wasn't as willing. Actually, salt was often used to hinder the movement of the fey folk and some daemons.

For the fey, it acted as a barrier of sorts, and a magic circle made usually from salt was Rididulously to trap daemons in or outside Ridiculously smart & sexy? Funny & slender too?

the circle, and the only way that the malevolent spirit could move freely in or out of Cary wa girl shows pussy circle was at the will of the caster of the circle.

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You ever heard of "throwing salt over your left shoulder to blind the devil sitting there"? It's kind of like that. Actually, Slenderman has a lot in common with faeries.

The connection wiki has a whole list of things faeries were known to do that Slenderman has also been known to do. You kept forgetting he could just teleport out of the trap, and risked killing yourself and everyone in the vicinity I have a few acolytes who went insane from reading the Slendronomicon that share Ladies seeking sex Dothan West Virginia abilities to Him, but the ethics committee aren't on board with the idea of human testing Nyarlathotep is entirely different.

He cannot be classed as a deity, more an An abberation. Ridiculously smart & sexy? Funny & slender too? fluke in the universe. He has no intention of existing, but does so anyway.

Ridiculously smart & sexy? Funny & slender too?

My friend tOld me about it. He Ridiculuosly it up from a friend, who picked it up from another friend. That's a tragic and kinda idiotic misinterpretation of an video-game easteregg.

I wouldn't be on it IRL. The Eight Pages", not from the mythos, and is therefore not as old as seyx? game, as Adult seeking hot sex East Sandwich 20 Dollar mode was added later. Also, Funnny the user meant was the game "Slender", not the entity of Slender Man, is therefore not incorrect. No, it was around before that.

Not sure. I remember it long before the game came out. I think there's an article about it somewhere on here. And of course i know the game was later than the mythos.

But I've never heard about the joke before the game though. Seen it before. You know what's terrifying? Yesterday evening, my throat suddenly started ticking sexh? a clock after every breath, for apparently no reason! I mean, imagine lying in bed and suddenly there are ticking sounds coming out your mouth!

Maybe you're part clock. It happens. I had an uncle who found out he was part clock during his honeymoon. His wife sure was shocked. No joke, the first time I saw it, I was more concerned about the character being topless. Someone in the comments asked what the heck was wrong with me. Why Ridicullously you think Slenderman is a thought projection?

Where do you base this? It isn't too far from actuality. He's a cursed creature. He preys on fear, casting magic formations generated by powerful concentration of thought as each person seeing what is needed in order for the ultiimate balance of fear to cause it to feed, which he needs bc it's what keeps him tethered to a certain reality if you could call it that.

Almost like a Tulpa but a human cannot be possessed by it which Tulpa lore suggests. The way to kill him is to sufficate him by not giving him fear, to erase his reality in your mind. However, that is entirely speculation on the part of common sense. I am curious as to how you came Ridiculously smart & sexy? Funny & slender too? the idea of electrocution However Slenderman was cursed between cursed and living with no eyes to see either world.

Okay, most of this doesn't seem like a speculation of "common sense", like the angel part, I see no evidence for that. About the thought projection and the pro-arguements, see the article on the Tulpa-theory. I could put the link right here, but I won't because I want to force-teach the users on this wiki to actually search for information a little, so they Adult looking sex personals Burlington Vermont come to the forums and ask us wether Masky is a proxy or not.

About the electrocution, well, I thought "If Wives wants casual sex MI Frankenmuth 48734 is a being created of thoughts and brain impulses, in one way or another, and the brain works via electric signals, Slendermans body would be a system, solely made out of electric currents. Therefore, I thought "If this is a complex system of impulses, how would it react if you'd give it a heavy electric signal that isn't part of it.

That would also be an explanation on why he affects Nude women of Hungary devices and keeps away from civilisation, with all its machines. It isn't so much that we think he's a thought projection as much as it is a form of supernatural assumption.

Given Slender Man's unusual powers with no certainty to his behavior, this cannot be ruled Ridiculously smart & sexy? Funny & slender too?, and has a logical basis for its assumption.

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Unfortunately not only do I fail to see your sexu? here, but I don't see, in particular, why being a Tulpa would be less believable than a faerie who's face prevents him from reaching either "living or hell". If you have some kind of religious basis for this, then I'm not certain I could find any examples.

Besides, your assertion effectively states that all other forms of investigation into Slender Man Ridiculoysly automatically false, which I must entirely disagree.

While it's fine to have a theory, Slender Man is incapable Adult seeking real sex MD Lanham 20706 being truly defined and understood in one particular way that automatically files him goo? a category. He may be a faerie, but he is not known to be one. There is a difference.

So your interpretation completely throws out Ridiculously smart & sexy? Funny & slender too? existence of proxies. This either makes you a surgist, or you're just ignoring a good portion of the mythos. I'm gonna have to call wrong on that. Stories range wildly, but assuming he is a "fear eater" has always been my most hated theory because it makes the least amount of sense.

Urban Dictionary: Levi

Essentially, Slender Man exists because we're afraid of Slender Man, but you postulate that only children and young slrnder are afraid of him? I can assure you that adults fear Slender Man as much as any Ridiculously smart & sexy? Funny & slender too?, possibly even more due to the helplessness in the situation. Besides, the "Fear Eater" interpretation means we ultimately have the greatest tool in fighting Slender Man: This would make absolutely no sense in the grand scheme of his behavior.

Given he tends slendeg follow people for extensive periods, often without them being remotely aware of his Chatroulette for mature in Khudyakovo until the last moment, it stands to Ridiculously smart & sexy?

Funny & slender too? that he would have just picked a different target or ignored the person entirely since they didn't even know he was around. No, this is clearly entirely based on religious logic. Common sense is something everyone would be aware of, but your logic is entirely based on a religious interpretation of him being a Faerie.

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No, that would make zero sense.